Dual Compartment Everyday Use 53 Qt. Cooler

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No cows?  We've still got a cooler for YOU!  This dual-compartment cooler is designed to hold dry goods on one side and beverages on the other!  Keep your cooler organized and separated.  


DUAL COMPARTMENT 53 QT. COOLER includes the rotomolded cooler, "blank" side lid and one divider.  


More about the CROSS FIVE Rotomolded Cooler: 

  • Dual compartments with 1 1/2 in. polyurethane in the center to ensure compartments can handle dry goods in one side and wet goods in the other without condensation passing through.    
  • Removable left compartment divider (one included) - can be divided in 5 different spots  
  • 5 day ice / heat compatible
  • One piece roto-molded construction for durability
  • Filled with polyurethane foam for superior insulation
  • Double drain plugs


Approx. Cooler Dimensions: 

26 in. Length, 19 in. Width, 16 in. Height
Interior Dimensions: 
Left Compartment (hinged lid) - 12 in. Length, 14.5 in. Width, 11.5 in. Height
Right Compartment (removable lid) - 6 in. Length, 14.5 in. Width, 11.5 in. Height
31.13 Pounds