About Us


We saw a need for quality, specialty rotomolded coolers in the market. 

We operate a cow/calf commercial operation in Western South Dakota.  Our first products, the Cross Five Cattle Coolers line, were created because we wanted a system like this to use on our ranch.  Once we discovered the absence in the marketplace, we teamed up with Big Frig and filled the void.  We offer a 19 quart 2-holster vaccination system, 53 qt. 3 and 4-holster systems.  We are the ONLY true dual-compartment specialty cooler on the market.  Our coolers are rotomolded with 1 1/2 inch polyurethane foam insulation throughout the cooler including in the center divide.  This allows for complete temperature control on both sides of the cooler.  Our vaccination coolers are color coded.  Our holsters are the only vaccine holster on the market that have fully enclosed, tube-like holsters.  They are designed to protect your repeater, the contents stored below and your help.  This system will keep your vaccine organized to eliminate cross-contamination, easy with the color-coding and efficient with the rotomold technology .  Basically, Vaccinator A is giving Vaccine X.  All of their vaccine lives in the yellow compartment, their repeater in stored in the yellow syringe holster, the syringe is labeled yellow and the vaccinator will use the yellow livestock markers.  Essentially no screw-ups. 

Beers N Bait was created when some local Anglers requested that we use our cattle vaccination cooler molds and transform the cooler into a fishing cooler! Your drinks are kept on the left side of the cooler, your bait is stored in the right compartment and your poles are kept safely in the enclosed holster tubes on the right.  Easy and organized.  Our coolers have drains on both sides so the beer ice and water never has to touch the bait water.  


Our product list continues to grow while we still have our eye on the ball as far as keeping the products industry leading quality, reasonably priced and of course as user friendly as possible.  

We hope you enjoy your cooler! 

Ryan & Keri